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April 15, 2011

First, let's get one thing straight–walking is not for sissies! In fact, it has been a mainstay of my fitness program for many years and is the only thing that kept me in fighting shape during a recent 2-week study trip to Italy.

Done right, walking is a powerhouse activity! If you're kicking it at the intensity you need to boost your cardio fitness and burn off any unwanted pounds, you will definitely be moving fast and sweating hard! While walking is lower impact than running, you'll still feel more secure and comfortable in a sports bra that's specifically designed to tame breast bounce. Look for one that's been tested to perform well under "Medium" or higher impact conditions.

But whether or not you need the extra support of a sports bra, if you're a fitness walker the rest of the equation stays the same: You still need straps that don't slip or dig, bottom bands that don't ride up, seams and trims that don't drive you crazy with their scratchiness, and great fabrics that wick away that hard-earned sweat.

In other words, you still really need an authentic, high performance sports bra!

If you're super time-pressed, hitting the pavement at a fast stride during lunch hour or break time may be your only chance to kick it for the day. If you don't have the luxury of dressing down before your walk or showering afterward, high-tech moisture management bra fabrics become all that much more important. They take care of sweat and dry quickly so you can get your fitness in and still get right back to work.

If walking is your first love, give yourself a little credit here. It's a seriously energizing and totally legit workout, so you deserve some serious gear starting with a great sports bra!

Have a wonderful walking week!


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Introducing Champion's Sports Bra Expert - LaJean Lawson

In 1977, Champion Activewear invented the first sports bra, called the Jogbra®, made from two jockstraps sewn together. The realization that women also needed support for their assets was the catalyst for Champion Activewear to apply innovation and technology to become the leader in the sports bra market.

In 1977, runner LaJean Lawson had just finished her first marathon with bleeding sores on her shoulders and chest from a bra that did anything but support. Her search for a solution eventually led to the discovery of her life's passion–sports bras!

Today, Champion Activewear is thrilled to offer Dr. Lawson as a resource to help you solve your sports bra problems. While Dr. Lawson has gained critical knowledge from scientific research, the best education she's had about sports bra needs has come from the thousands of women she has spoken to at races and events, as well as those who help her test Champion products.

Whether it's your shoes or your sports bra, your workout happiness depends on finding the gear that's just right for your size and activity level, and that's exactly why we're here to help!

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